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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Is PBS Accredited?

PBS is accredited through its parent company, Elyon's Asset Management, by The Center For Management Development. (CMD), which is the government regulatory agency that gives accreditations for management trainings in Nigeria. For our accreditation certificate click here

2.  Does PBS Issue Certificates?

Yes we issue certificates at the end of your training (both online and live  trainings) after passing the training quiz. The certificate is evidence of the skills you have acquired. The certificatealso shows that you got your training from an Accredited Training Institution.

If your course is sponsored by a university or a thrid party institution, you will get a certificate issued by that university or institution co branded with their logo and name and delivered by PBS.

3.  Can PBS Certificates Help Me Get A Job

PBS certificates are credible and it indicates that you got your training from an Accredited Training Institution. It fits into the "Trainings" section of your resume. Our certificate adds significant value to your resume and helps you secure a job and get promotions. 

4.  Does PBS Offer Online Trainings?

Yes we have a world class online training platform with several courses available online. The online courses are flexible, effective and affordable.

5.  Does PBS Offer Live Trainings?

Yes we hold live trainings at our campus and learning centers in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and Awka.

6.  Does PBS Offer MBA degree?

PBS does not yet offer any course that leads to any degree. We offer short certificate courses that empower you to get jobs, promotons, thus helping you create, manage and share wealth.

7.  Does PBS Provide Trainings At Clients' Locations?

Yes PBS provides live trainnings to staff of organisations and members of professional and social groups. These trainings may be held at the clients location or at our location.

The presentation was greatly informative and the in-depth practical demonstrations.
- Dr. Chukwuyama Ejiofor (Accident and Emergency Dept, UNTH, Enugu)

Fantastic, knowledgeable, educative and it was a real life study.
- Nwaneri M.A (PHCN,Onitsha)

I understood how I can bring out the best in me and build my career. I will like to attend more
- V Ochuko (Oceanic Bank Plc, Lagos)